Does your pet need an ultrasound?

Having a pet with a medical issue can be stressful and scary. I aim to make your experience(and your pet’s experience) as easy as possible.

I work with your pet’s primary veterinarian to provide you with the answers you need for your pet’s health. If you’ve found me on your own and would like to utilize my services, please refer me to your vet, as I work directly with clinics. Your primary veterinarian will also be the one to go over my findings and recommendations with you.

If your clinic is working with me and you’re looking for pet preparation info before a procedure, keep reading – you’ve come to the right place.

Prepping for diagnostics

For abdominal ultrasounds:

Please do not feed your pet for 12 hours prior to the ultrasound exam. This will enable us to get the best possible images.

If your pet is diabetic, however, withholding food may not be safe. In those cases, feeding prior to the ultrasound exam should be fine.

If possible, the patient should not be allowed to void the urinary bladder prior to the ultrasound exam. This will help us obtain the highest quality images.

For thoracic ultrasounds:

Your pet may eat and eliminate as per usual.